Parent Feedback

We regularly ask Parents for feedback on our setting, the quotes below are taken from feedback forms which were done in the Summer Term 2016. Parents were asked to complete the feedback under specific headings, some of the quotes also came from visitors to our setting who where asked to complete a feedback form. Parents are welcome to send us feedback via our website using the contact form or e mail to 

Effectiveness of leadership and management:

" Fantastic management, very high standards. Lots of good evidence of children developing and moving on in their education"

" Great place, amazing people, very good atmosphere, great communication with parents"

" Lots of outstanding professional work supporting children with transition"

" Leadership appear well informed and keen to engage with outside agencies in order to meet the needs of the children"

" I would recommend the playgroup to others for their commitment to offering informative, integrational and professional programmes"

" The leadership team have an excellent understanding of their environment from the children through to influences from outside sources and have a very effective communication structure in place"

Outcomes for children:

" There is a lot of engagement about my child's development and progress which leads me to believe that the staff have a deep practical understanding of children"

"I can clearly see how much my child has developed emotionally, physically and in her learning, confidence and even her awareness of others"

" My child is disabled and I need to know he copes in a mainstream environment. Without the support of staff at playgroup I don't think he would be as confident or at the level he is at without them"

" Staff have continually set high expectations of what they feel my child can achieve and how they can help"

Quality of teaching and assessment:

"From what I've seen I believe the staff are proactive in their approach"

"The individual differences between children appear acknowledged and well accounted for"

"All the staff are very approachable and have a kind and caring manner with the children, I feel they listen to feedback from parents ad I have a clear understanding of how my daughter should progress"

"Each child is treated as an individual"

"Staff have a very wide and varied understanding of the age range"

Personal development and behaviour:

"My child always feels safe, happy and also able to explore and try new things"

"Staff were all friendly, warm and always welcoming"

"I have been updated regularly on my child's behaviour and this has been monitored for improvement"

"Staff look for the best in children and actively try to help them reach their potential"

"My child is emotionally secure here and as a result I have seen her self confidence increase"

"Staff offered to set up a CAF for my child when home life changed"

"I have seen such growth and progression for my child, she has blossomed under the care of staff"

"When parents leave at the beginning of the session, issues of attachment and distress are always dealt with"

" I particularly like the light, open space"

"Nothing is too much for them which leaves me assured my child is in a safe. clean. nurturing environment"