The Playgroup is held in a large, safe hall in Sherwood Community Centre, with access to an enclosed outdoor play area. There are child sized toilets off the main room. The entrance door to our playgroup is closed at all times, with controlled access

Aims of the Playgroup

Our playgroup aims to help meet the needs of pre-school children by creating an environment in which children enhance their development and learning through play.

We take children from the age of two and there are a maximum of 26 children in each session who are cared for by our experienced staff. They encourage children to develop independence and learn new skills.

Typical Session

Children are encouraged to participate in a range of activities including painting, sticking, play dough and drawing. There are many different toys, construction sets, cars, trains, jigsaws and puzzles, the home corner and dressing up, tents and tunnels as well as sand and water.

Outside is an enclosed play area with tricycles, scooters, cars, slides and rockers. We also have two sheds that can be used in all weathers, one is equipped with sand play, a play kitchen and dolls house, the other has sensory items, a bench for relaxing, books and fairy lights.

Midway through the session children can come together for a story and singing, if they want to continue to play they can join the group when they are ready. 

We have a free flow snack time where we offer fruit, milk and water, children are encouraged to choose for themselves when they would like to come and have their snack. If your child has a dairy allergy we also provide Soya milk as an alternative to cows milk.

Lunch Club

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday we offer a lunch club. This is mainly for children whose parents want them to do both a morning and afternoon session, this proves very popular and availability is often limited. There is an additional charge for lunch club and parents are responsible for providing their own child's lunch.

Promoting Positive Behaviour

A good standard of behaviour is maintained within the Playgroup by the positive expectations of staff from the children in their care. Co-operation from parents reinforces this. Children are encouraged to :

  • Respect themselves and keep themselves safe.
  • Care for others in the Playgroup.
  • Look after the playgroup to keep it a happy and safe place for everyone.
  • Children are constantly praised for their efforts and care for others.


 " I'm very happy with the Playgroup, I feel that there is a good variety of different activities available for the children, I also think that it has a huge advantage of outside space that many settings do not have. This gives children lots of opportunities to play outside, which is great. "

" The Playgroup was recommended to us by a friend whose children have attended. I would not hesitate to recommend it, in turn, to others."

 " I have never had any concerns about my child's development, the Playgroup is very friendly and small enough for communication to be good, I feel confident that any concerns would be shared with me and that if I had any concerns I would be able to approach staff about them."

" My child likes the predictability of the setting - coming in first thing and sitting on the carpet for the welcome song, register taking, finding her name and putting it on the board - these things will make the transition to school nursery so much easier as she will recognise the structure there is similar."

" Children are very happy and purposeful in play, this is a very inclusive setting "

Quotes above are from Parent feedback forms.